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Becky Fitness

Personal Training in Suffolk.

My aim is to help and encourage individuals through exercise to achieve their personal fitness goals and/or improve their health and wellbeing. It is important to me that my clients enjoy their exercise programme but are also prepared to challenge themselves in order to feel that sense of achievement!

Your programme will incorporate a variation of all the key elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscle strength training, balance & flexibility, stretching & relaxation with a holistic emphasis on posture and core stability to support daily activities.

I work alongside my clients in their homes, work places, local parks and anywhere that has a safe environment for exercise. I also have access to a private gym near Woodbridge where I have the opportunity to train clients there if they prefer.

Personal Training Woodbridge, Suffolk
Exercise Program, Suffolk

Exercise Program

Tailored to you and your goals, improve your fitness levels and / or lose weight.

Diet Plan, Suffolk

Balanced Diet

Healthy food choices that fit into your lifestyle to improve your fitness and manage your weight.

Exercise Program, Suffolk

Enjoy the Benefits

Feel the physical and psychological benefits in your daily activities.

Your programme will be progressive, challenging at times but most importantly fun!

My role as your personal trainer is to support and encourage you to reach your personal goals and achieve your desired outcome. You will soon feel the benefits in all areas of your life including increased energy levels and flexibility. There are also psychological benefits of exercise combined with a healthy diet including lifting your mood and increasing your motivation.

I understand that to achieve ‘wellbeing’, exercise needs to have realistic goals for each individual incorporating not just the physical but psychological and social aspects too.

A bit about me...

Before training to be a fitness instructor and Personal Trainer I worked as a Registered General Nurse nursing patients pre and post surgery and in the orthopaedic/ fracture clinic at Ipswich hospital. This gives me an excellent understanding of many joint & soft tissue conditions and the importance of a holistic approach to exercise and wellbeing.

Becky, Personal Trainer Woodbridge, Suffolk

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